Dry Clean - Programme for overcoming Enuresis

Enuresis is an involuntary habit that has been ingrained in the subconscious mind due to various reasons, such as shyness, lack of confidence, low self-esteem etc.

There is absolutely nothing embarrasing about it. We all have different voluntary and involuntary habits, such as some people involuntary twitch their eyes alot and can't control it but they aren't embarrased by it as everyone knows its not in their conscious control. Enuresis is similar and nobody should feel ashamed about something that they don't do consciously. Yes they do it subconsciously and that is what needs to be resolved as this is the action you are responsible for taking for yourself.

Hypnosis programme for Enuresis focuses on discovering the cause for the issue, resolving that cause, rewiring the mind into letting go of the old habit, replacing it with a new habit, and training the mind into sticking with this new habit.

This programme comprises of 4 sessions, 1 session each week.

  1. Session 1 is about discovering the cause of the issue and a quick emotional detox.
  2. Session 2 is a complete hypnosis session for the issue.
  3. Session 3 is Parts Therapy to sort out the internal conflict that leads to this habit.
  4. Session 4 is Hypnosis session for building self-confidence or overcoming anxiety issues, whatever comes up to be the real cause.

Bonus for session 4: NLP Eye Movement technique that focuses on future visualisations of the new habit and waking up to dry beds.

It is a fully comprehensive programme that is sure to rewire your brain and resolve the issue within 4 weeks infact you will start seeing the results from the first week! 

Another Bonus: Hypnosis audio for Enuresis to listen to at home whenever you want to.


The entire package costs £450 but I am giving festive season concessions Oct-Dec so it will cost you only £380! When you wake up on a dry bed every day and go about your day with full confidence and assurity that you are in control of your habits, this cost will feel negligible in comparison! Spending money on your own betterment is never a wasted money.