Fertility Coaching

Peak Fertility provides support and coaching for women on their baby-making journey who are dealing with the numerous emotions and challenges that this journey brings with it. 


Whether you have experienced a loss, or are striving to conceive, or are simply trying to give up on the idea of getting pregnant, coaching will definitely open a new world of hope, love, support, commitment, results, clarity, and growth for you and your journey. 

Peak Fertility can support you in your journey to make it a lot less overwhelming and a lot more promising for you. It is a supportive and safe space for women to cherish their divine feminine, open up, and express emotions freely without the fear of being judged.



What does a fertility coach do?


The trauma women encounter in the process of trying for a baby, during IVF, or after a miscarriage, is immense.  From my personal experience, I am familiar with the grief, pain, heartache, and fear we experience to get those two magical lines on a pregnancy test and then to wait forever to actually convince ourselves that it is real and will stick. When I went through this entire emotional turmoil, I realized there was a huge support gap that needs to be filled. There were fertility clinics, doctors, gynecologists, parents, husband, friends, but still something was missing, someone who could revamp my mental state and magically instill a positive outlook, along with providing me with the greatest strength to bear whatever comes my way. To be honest, family, doctors, friends etc. try hard to fill this gap but they are not equipped with the right set of techniques to perform such a magical feat. This is where a fertility coach is needed. A fertility coach is well-trained and equipped with a multitude of techniques and experience to provide the professional yet genuine support that is needed at such a testing time in life. Back then, I hadn't heard of a fertility coach but used to contemplate the possibility of such a person, not knowing that it was an actual profession. That was an extremely lonely and depressing time for me so I fought hard and self-taught myself to emerge stronger out of it all. Amidst all the tests thrown my way, one after the other, I became a fertility guru and found myself guiding women on their fertility journeys. I then vowed to make this my mission, to fill in the gap for other women on this journey, and to get them through this difficult time one step at a time. I became a fertility coach. My journey from being a guru to a professional coach involved attaining proper certifications, and plenty of experience, but other than that my compassion remains the same because my heart was in the right place when I began to guide others casually, and it still is. I was an empath and will always remain one, especially when it comes to helping women who don't even know that they desperately need this help to find the resilience to get up and fight. 



What support is available for you 


I recognize that every journey is unique and is faced with its own set of challenges. For this reason, I specifically formulate a plan for every woman according to her particular circumstances. Each plan involves different techniques but what remains constant is my compassion, genuine understanding, and empathy for each individual journey. Your family and friends might support you immensely but they haven't necessarily experienced this pain themselves to be able to understand you completely. I have gone through it all, I have lived this fear, I have felt all this pain magnified ‚Äčto a non-measurable extent. It is easy for people to say don't worry it will happen, but very difficult to provide actual guidance as to how can one stop worrying about something beyond our control and something that we so desperately desire? Peak Fertility will provide you with actual guidance on how to navigate your pain, how to stay happy in testing times, how to let a positive mindset bring positive results in your life and much more! A safe space where there are absolutely no judgments, which is specifically created for you to pour your heart out and breathe all the positivity in, which is designed to encourage you every step of the way while equipping you with techniques to manage your emotions and pain, should be a dream come true for any woman suffering in silence in her fertility journey. I suffered, I don't want anyone else to go through that. Come join me to find your strength that you didn't know exists. Together, we will make your journey beautiful, no matter what the outcome. 



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