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Peak Fertility Rebirth Package - 5 Sessions

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Peak Fertility Rebirth Package - 5 Sessions
1 session free

What if your life purpose is to rebirth yourself and not another human? This package will help you find an answer to this question.

  • 5 1:1 sessions to make it easier for you to let go
  • This package is for women who have had enough, who are at the end of their journey with no results, and want to let go of this dream but are unable to 
  • These sessions will focus more on you as an individual and the need for you to let go of emotional pain, past trauma, and beliefs regarding the future
  • You will get the much-needed push to find happiness in all the other things you are blessed with 
  • Your life purpose will be ascertained to divert you from this journey that you think is not meant for you but feel stuck in
  • Will work towards fulfilling your other goals and true life purpose
  • In the end, you will have the clarity to understand what the universe really wants from you

*If you decide during these sessions to continue trying and to not give up yet, that will completely be your decision and no judgments will be involved. You will not be forced to decide otherwise. My purpose is to make you realize what is best for you and then to help you in that chosen path. All decisions come from you, I only ask the right questions to make you find the right answers within yourself. In case of mind change, we will continue the sessions with the renewed goal in mind.