Peak Fertility 2 Week Wait Package - 2 sessions


We all know how that dreaded 2-week wait drains the energy and patience out of us! We google senseless things like have I conceived this time? knowing fully well google won't know the answer. While nobody knows that answer, Peak Fertility is here to calm your nerves, to make you focus on the other important things while waiting for your results. 

  • Free 15-30 minute discovery session to brief you about the pattern of future sessions and what to expect
  • 2 1:1 sessions timed according to your cycle, the first one right after your ovulation and the second one before result time to calm your nerves.

All sessions would typically include:

  • Breathing exercises to manage your stress
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming to make you change your belief that you can not get pregnant 
  • Guided meditations to calm you down and guide you to a more resourceful state 
  • Emotional release in case of a negative test 
  • EFT tapping to accept the decision and to manifest a positive outcome for the next cycle

*If you would require a follow-up session in the unfortunate case of a negative result, you will be offered that session at almost half the cost, £45. 

*This package is for everyone trying to conceive, whether they are experiencing infertility or not. This is a difficult time no matter what the outcome, the right kind of support can always make a huge difference.