Silver lining - Programme to overcome Depression

Depression can be debilitating, but it doesn't have to be. Those who have depression sometimes describe it as extremely overpowering. It is hard to make people understand that it is more debilitating than any physical ailment. People are quick to judge that it is all in your mind. It is understandable how those judgements make the condition even worse. You don't have to feel this way anymore. You shouldn't let people define your feelings for you. Enroll in this programme to emerge out stronger, resilient, hopeful, optimistic, and filled with new zest for life!



✔Three week programme for taking you from a heavy place of lonliness, detachment, sadness, stress, and depression to a wonderful and beautiful state of bliss where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the silver lining in all the thunderous clouds:


👉4 one to one sessions for mentoring, Hypnosis, NLP, & EFT to shift your beliefs and perspectives after diving into the root cause and resolving it. (One session each week)


👉Constant instant contact through a walkie talkie app where you can leave live audio messages whenever you would like to discuss something, ask a question, or simply need someone to talk to and you will receive instant responses as much as possible.


👉You will be equipped with techniques you can implement on yourself for instant relief from stress and anxiety. 


👉You will receive a nice gratitude journal where you can write down every day how you feel and what you are grateful for. This alone will help transform your outlook towards life and you can send your daily input picture through our instant communication app to encourage accountability.


👉Hypnosis Audio recording to overcome depression which will be yours for a lifetime and you can listen to it whenever you want to further reinforce the suggestions.


⏳Not only this, if you book this programme within a week, you will also receive yet another bonus hypnosis audio recording to get money flowing in your life as no matter what the issue, extra money always makes one happy!


🚥This programme will take you from point A in your life to point B within three weeks and the transformation is something you can absolutely believe is only a matter of time not a matter of weather it will be or will not be!


💷💳The cost for this entire programme is £600 but as an introductory offer I am offering this for only £250 for the first ten people!


🟡Remember, investment in your mental health where you are equipped with so many life-changing tools along with complete rewiring of your mind is always a profit as the better the health you have the more prosperous in life you will be.


➡️Contact through the form below for the booking link and payment.


*This programme is considered a Complementary Therapy and isn't an alternative to your medicines or doctor's protocols*